Used Dexion Racking

If you are looking for great quality used Dexion racking at low prices then we can supply you with exactly what you need. We have huge quantities in stock, in a wide variety of sizes and duties to suit all warehouse storage requirements.

We have heavy duty upright frames available in all heights from 2000mm to 10000mm. Frames can be braced to standard 900mm or 1100mm depths and older, imperial measurements such as 914mm (3 foot) or 1067mm (3ft 6in) can also be supplied on request.

We have thousands of beams at 2700mm long, with a load capacity of 2 tonnes UDL. This is by far the most requested size and is suitable for both uk pallets and euro pallets. We have many other beam sizes available and can always find a suitable solution for any pallet storage requirements.

If you need to use some or all of your used pallet racking as hand loaded shelving, we can also supply open or close boarded timber decking. We can even supply decking to span runs of back to back warehouse racking for use as carpet racking.

To complete your used racking installation, column guards and barriers are a relatively cheap way of preventing potentially expensive damage to your pallet racking. We always have these in stock and they are supplied with fixing bolts as standard.

As well as Dexion, we also stock all leading manufacturers of pallet racking, such as Apex, Link 51, Redirack, and PSS, so give us a call and we will do all we can to ensure that you get what you need at a great price.

We have part loads currently scheduled to go to Manchester, Newcastle, Essex and Gloucester in the next couple of weeks, so if you are near to these areas get in touch now and we will give you a great delivered price.

Call us on 0800 612 3210 or send us your details on an enquiry form and we will reply to you quickly.

Used Dexion Racking

Link 51 used pallet racking

We have huge stocks of quality Link 51 used pallet racking available at the moment, in a wide range of sizes and duties. Whether you need a couple of bays with timber decking for heavy duty hand loaded shelving, or a full warehouse of multi-level pallet storage, we can give you a great delivered price.

Our experienced team are ready to offer you all the assistance you need to make to most of your industrial racking storage. We can complete your Link 51 warehouse racking with column guards, load notices and pallet support bars, all available from stock.

Of course, we also have large quantities of pallet racking from other manufacturers such as Dexion, Apex, PSS and Redirack in stock. We can deliver to any UK mainland address, from Bristol to Barrow and Dover to Dundee.

Call us now on 0800 612 3210 or send us a message using the enquiry form and we will get back to you quickly.

Link 51 used pallet racking

Used Planned Storage Warehouse Racking

We currently have huge stocks of used Planned Storage (PSS) pallet racking which means we are able to offer fantastic prices and additional discount which increases with the size of your order.

Upright frames range in size from 2325mm to 7350mm and can be braced to 600mm, 900mm or 1200mm deep. All frames are supplied assembled and with footplates attached.

Beams are 2700mm clear entry and have a load capacity of 1 tonne UDL. These can be used for pallet storage or we can supply 600mm deep chipboard to form a shelving level.

We also have 1000s of used wire mesh panels which are in very good condition. They are 1320mm x 1200mm and so can be used as pallet support or for hand loaded shelving.

Give us a call now on 0800 612 3210 to take advantage of the maximum discount and while stock is available.

Used Esmena pallet racking

We have recently taken delivery of a huge parcel of excellent quality used Esmena pallet racking. The frames are 11125mm x 900mm but can be cut down to suit your storage requirements. The beams are 2700mm clear entry and have a load capacity of 2.5 tonnes UDL. This versatile racking system can be used for heavy duty pallet storage or we can supply timber decking for picking levels or hand loaded shelving.

Call us now on 0800 612 3210 for a great delivered price or send us an enquiry and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Used Esmena pallet racking

How do I maximise warehouse space?

This article got my attention for the comments at the end….

Question: What are the best methods to maximise square footage in a warehouse operation? This article got my attention for the comments at the end….

Answer: There are many ways to maximise the operating space in a warehouse, dependent upon how accessible stock needs to be, and dependent upon the warehouse parameters.

I have seen over the years many methods employed, but outside of a standard pallet racked warehouse you are going to encounter stock being blocked in and the movement of pallets slowed down, as the retrieval will depend upon moving many pallets to get to the one you actually want.

So let’s look at the different methods available.

The first method is to install a mezzanine floor, which could effectively double the pallet holding in a warehouse. However, they are expensive for purely storage capabilities, but cost effective on a square footage basis, providing you have sufficient height in the building to take the floor a level up.

The second method is to block stack your pallets. Health and safety are quite strict on this method of storage so you have to be extremely careful in stacking, using square and topped pallets, so that you can stack three high. But, again, the down side is retrieval, as inevitably the pallet you will want will always be buried at the bottom of a stack, and you will need to move all the pallets out of the way to gain access.

The other downside is the notation of the pallets. If you move one pallet, then this could actively change the location of the whole row of pallets.

Block stacking will allow a maximisation of the warehouse, but will give difficulties in retrieval.

The third method depends upon the type of stock being held. For multi-pallet same stock items you can use either double deep or push-back systems. However, this entails the use of specialist pallet racking and, dependent upon the site, a counterbalance fork lift truck.  This method is very effective and used by the supermarket suppliers, whose profile is ideal for this type of system.

The fourth method would be a narrow aisle operation, which could operate in under 2m, with a very narrow aisle operation 1.5m. This would effectively reduce the aisle widths from 3m (normal standard aisle using a counterbalance vehicle or reach truck to 1.5m, and, dependent upon the size of the warehouse, you could maximise the space for storage quite easily.

The downside of a very narrow aisle operation is the need for specialist trucks for the placing and retrieval of pallets. You would require a swivel reach truck for such an operation.

And finally, you have automation, which can be done on various levels. Depending upon what you are stocking, this can be extremely helpful in maximising space. But I tell you truthfully, it is not for the faint hearted, as the capital investment required is normally in the seven- to eight-figure category. You can have an automated storage and retrieval system, as well as pallet build and even vehicle load sequencing.

The most curious method of storage I have observed was on my travels in Africa.

I attended a warehouse – well, a shack really – with no forklifts or pallets, and each storage area within the warehouse was one product. The warehouse manager told me that they stripped down the pallet to gain access to the carton, and these cartons were assembled into the shape of half a pyramid.

The half-pyramid rose to the roof and was supported by the wall of the warehouse. When needed, the pickers clambered up the pyramid to the very top to gain access to the stock.

A very clever way of maximising their warehouse space, but I don’t think our H&S would approve!

via ASK DAN: How do I maximise warehouse space?.