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We buy in bulk and distribute across mainland UK from our own warehouse so we can offer the lowest prices in the UK on most current makes including Dexion Speedlock and P90, Apex, Link XL, Redirack, Planned Storage, HiLo Rackplan and more.

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Apex pallet racking update

Apex used pallet racking beams

Whittan Industrial Limited, manufacturers of Apex pallet racking have announced that the popular system is to become a secondary product line within their portfolio, with a reduced product range going forward. If you are looking for quality used Apex racking to replace damage or to add onto existing runs get in touch here or call us on 0800 368 6846. We have all standard sizes in stock available for quick dispatch.

Apex is among the more well established British made pallet racking systems, it was first manufactured in 1937 by Apex Storage Systems, later known as LINPAC Storage systems then Apex Linvar. It was bought by the Whittan Group in 2016.

It is instantly recognisable by its (almost) unique upright leg design where the beams drop into louvred slots rather than the punched holes seen on most other systems. It is also recognisable by its standard colour scheme of light grey fames and orange beams.

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Safeguarding Your Investments: The Importance of Pallet Racking Protection

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Pallet racking systems serve as the backbone of efficient storage and inventory management across all industries in the UK. Correctly designed systems allow businesses to maximise their storage space, streamline operations, and optimise inventory control.

We will provide you with the correct guidance during the planning and installation process and advise on pallet racking protection to ensure your warehouse systems work for you in a safe and efficient way and remain a valuable asset and not a health and safety liability!

  1. Ensuring Employee Safety

Employee safety is paramount in any workplace, and warehouses are no exception. Our pallet racking protection plays a pivotal role in safeguarding workers from potential hazards. By installing protective measures like anti collapse mesh, column guards, and rack end barriers, our customers significantly reduce the risk of accidents caused by collisions, falls, and unstable loads. These protective elements act as a barrier between employees and potentially dangerous situations, creating a safer work environment.

  1. Preserving Inventory and Equipment

The inventory stored on pallet racking systems represents a significant investment for any business. Damaged inventory not only results in financial losses but also disrupts supply chains and customer satisfaction. Pallet racking protection helps prevent inventory damage by minimizing the impact of accidental collisions, forklift mishaps, and other incidents. By protecting your racking correctly, we ensure that you safeguard your valuable assets and prevent unnecessary losses.

  1. Minimizing Downtime and Maintenance Costs

Repairs and maintenance can be costly and time-consuming. Damaged pallet racking not only disrupts operations but also incurs expensive replacement parts and labour costs. Pallet racking protection acts as a proactive measure to minimize downtime and maintenance costs. By preventing damage in the first place, businesses can allocate their resources more effectively and ensure smooth warehouse operations.

  1. Compliance with Regulations

As a company you are required to conform to the applicable safety and regulatory standards. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines, legal liabilities, and even closure of operations. Our pallet racking protection helps you meet these compliance requirements by creating a safer working environment that adheres to industry standards and guidelines. By investing in protection measures, you demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a responsible and compliant operation.

  1. Long-Term Cost Savings

While the initial investment in pallet racking protection might seem like an added expense, it ultimately translates into long-term cost savings. By reducing the frequency of repairs, minimizing inventory losses, and avoiding legal complications, businesses can achieve a higher return on investment over time. Additionally, a well-protected racking system extends its lifespan, reducing the need for premature replacement and the associated expenses.

Pallet racking protection is not just an optional add-on to your warehouse operation; it is an essential component of responsible and efficient warehouse management. From ensuring employee safety and safeguarding inventory to minimizing downtime and complying with regulations, the benefits of investing in pallet racking protection are clear and far-reaching. By making a commitment to protect your investments and prioritize safety, you create a more resilient and productive warehouse environment that sets your business up for long-term success.

Used Pallet Racking.

Used pallet racking frames

The Benefits of Used Pallet Racking: Unlocking Efficiency and Savings

When it comes to optimising warehouse storage, pallet racking is an indispensable tool. However, the cost of new pallet racking systems can put a strain on budgets, particularly for small businesses. Thankfully, we ofer a solution that offers significant benefits without breaking the bank. In this post, we will explore the advantages of opting for pre-owned pallet racking, highlighting how it can enhance efficiency, save costs, and contribute to sustainable practices. Call us on 0800 368 6846 or send us an enquiry if you have a requirement for quality used racking.

  1. Cost Savings: One of the most notable advantages of used pallet racking is the cost savings it provides. Purchasing brand-new racking can be a considerable investment, especially for businesses just starting or looking to expand their storage capabilities. Opting for used pallet racking allows you to acquire a reliable and robust storage system at a fraction of the cost. This reduced expenditure can then be allocated to other essential aspects of your business, such as improving logistics, expanding inventory, or enhancing employee training.
  2. Immediate Availability: Another benefit of used pallet racking is the immediate availability it offers. When purchasing new racking, there may be a waiting period for manufacturing and delivery, causing delays in your warehouse operations. However, with used pallet racking, you can quickly find and acquire the system you need, enabling you to optimise your storage space and get your operations up and running without unnecessary delays. This swift implementation can have a positive impact on overall productivity and customer satisfaction.
  3. Quality and Reliability: All used pallet racking we supply is of excellent quality and provides long-lasting reliability. We carefully inspect and refurbish used racking systems to ensure they meet stringent SEMA safety standards. Additionally, many used pallet racking systems come from businesses that have upgraded their storage solutions, meaning the racking has been well-maintained and may still have years of service life remaining. By purchasing from us, you can have confidence in the quality and durability of the used pallet racking you invest in.
  4. Customisability and Flexibility: Used pallet racking offers the flexibility to customise and adapt your storage system according to your specific needs. Whether you require APR (adjustable pallet racking), drive-in racking, or cantilever racking, used pallet racking options are available to suit your requirements. You can mix and match different rack types and sizes, allowing you to maximize your warehouse space and accommodate different types of products. This adaptability is crucial for businesses that experience fluctuations in their inventory or need to optimize their storage to accommodate changing needs.
  5. Environmental Sustainability: Choosing used pallet racking promotes environmental sustainability by extending the lifespan of the racking and reducing waste. By opting for pre-owned racking, you contribute to the circular economy, where resources are reused and repurposed rather than discarded. This sustainable approach helps minimize the demand for new manufacturing, reducing energy consumption, emissions, and the overall carbon footprint associated with production processes. By embracing used pallet racking, you demonstrate your commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

Used pallet racking offers a range of surprising benefits that can significantly impact your business operations. From cost savings and immediate availability to quality, customizability, and environmental sustainability, choosing pre-owned racking allows you to unlock efficiency and optimize your storage space without compromising on quality. If you’re looking to enhance your warehouse operations while staying within budget, exploring the options of used pallet racking is undoubtedly worth considering.

Warehouse Racking

We have hundreds of bays of quality used pallet racking and longspan shelving in stock,

We offer free – site visits, layout advice and design.

All Racking is checked to SEMA specifications, the quality is excellent and used racking more economical and much better for your carbon footprint.

We send our used racking out with the frames assembled and all locking pins and fixing bolts included so installation is quick and easy.

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Used Pallet Racking Stock

We have in stock great quality Dexion, Storax, Link 51, PSS and many other systems. All configurations available – 900mm or 1100mm frames possible for storing UK or Euro Pallets. Trade prices and nationwide delivery on all sizes of jobs. Call us on 0800 368 6846 for details.

Pallet racking protection and accessories

pallet racking protection

We specialise in second hand pallet racking and have large quantities in stock, in a wide variety of sizes, duties and manufacturers. We also hold stock of a huge range of warehouse racking accessories and protection, which are ready for dispatch quickly and to any UK mainland address.

It is important that you protect your storage racking uprights from costly forklift damage and our column guards and rack end barriers are a simple and easily installed way of doing this.

If your pallets need supporting on the racking then we can provide pallet support bars, timber decking or wire mesh decking. The decking options can also be used for picking levels and hand loaded storage of non-palletised goods.

Beam locks are essential for every beam in your racking system, to avoid them being accidentally dislodged by your forklift. We have extensive supplies of beam locks for all leading warehouse storage systems (Dexion, Link 51, PSS, Stow, Apex and many more), so check your beams now and order replacements for any missing beam locks as soon as you can.

We can also supply warehouse labels, rack identification, fixing bolts and load notices.

Call us now on 0800 368 6846 with a list of what you need, or to discuss the options available to you, and we will give you a low price quote and short lead time. Alternatively you can send us an enquiry form and we will reply to you quickly. Our deliveries cover the whole of the UK mainland, so whether you are in Hull, Liverpool, Bristol or Brighton, we can supply the pallet racking protection that you need.

Pallet Racking and Shelving Delivery Schedule October part 2

For used pallet racking enquiries all us free on 0800 368 6846 or contact us here

We’ve had a clear out and it has given us record start to October so here is an update to our delivery schedule.

Don’t forget, if you want a delivery to a nearby location, we’ll deliver it free (subject to conditions).

Longspan shelving is being delivered to London, Castleford, Bradford, Lichfield, Gloucester, Manchester, Oldham and Sheffield.

Used Dexion Speedlock, Redirack and Link XL pallet racking is being delivered to Halifax, Bradford, Hull, Oldham, Manchester, Leeds, Peterborough and London

Second hand warehouse racking is being delivered to Nottingham, Newcastle, Wigan, Halifax, Luton and SheffieldPallet Racking Delivery.

Used warehouse racking deliveries

used warehouse racking deliveries

Used warehouse racking deliveries are leaving us every day and we prefer it if the artics are full!

We have several part loads currently due to leave us in the next couple of weeks, so if you are ready to place an order and you are close to York, Bristol, Sheffield, Kent or Carlisle, get in touch now and we will do our best to arrange a quick order at a very competitive price.

We have large stocks of all the major industrial racking manufacturers (and most of the smaller ones) and so we can always find the right storage system for your business’s requirements. Whether you need Dexion, Link 51, Apex or PSS to add to your existing racking, or you don’t know what make your warehouse racking is, our knowledgeable and helpful team are here to assist you.

We can easily add column guards, pallet support bars, beam locks or fixing bolts to your order if you need them.

Give us a call now on 0800 368 6846, or send us an enquiry form and we will get back to you quickly. We have longspan shelving and used pallet racking deliveries going to all parts of the UK every day.

We buy used warehouse racking

used warehouse racking

We are always in the market for the next parcel of quality used warehouse racking for us to buy, so if you have surplus industrial racking, or you are clearing a warehouse, please get in touch with us now.

Leading manufacturers such as Dexion, Link 51, Apex and PSS are always of interest but we will consider other pallet racking systems if the quality and quantity is right.

We can arrange to dismantle and transport your unwanted pallet racking if needed and will also take column guards, timber and wire mesh decking and pallet support bars if they are in good condition.

We have teams working in Bradford, Manchester, Cambridge and Swindon in the next few weeks, so if you are thinking of selling your racking and are close to those areas we may be able to accommodate you.

Please call us now on 0800 368 6846 with as many details as you can about the racking (such as sizes and quantities of upright frames and horizontal beams), or send us a message with our enquiry form.