Used pallet racking update

The start of the summer holidays would appear to be the time everyone decides to review their industrial storage needs this year, and we are loving it!

We have lots of completed orders leaving our warehouse every day, and we are busy sourcing large parcels of quality used warehouse racking to keep our stocks as full and comprehensive as we can.

We  have taken delivery of large amounts of Link 51, Apex and PSS pallet racking in the last few weeks and there are full loads of Dexion racking on their way.

Call us now on 0800 612 3210 to place an order, we can deliver to any UK mainland address. If you are close to Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol or Newcastle we have spaces available on wagons leaving us in the next couple of weeks, so get in touch for a great delivered price.

Used pallet racking update


Used warehouse racking

Used warehouse racking is what we specialise in and we have huge stocks in a wide variety of sizes and duties, from all leading manufacturers. Whether you need a few Dexion beams to add levels to your racking, an extra run of Link 51 used pallet racking for additional storage or a whole warehouse full of new pallet racking, we can offer as much advice as you need and then provide a great delivered price.

Call us now on 0800 612 3210 to discuss your options.

Used warehouse racking

Used warehouse racking

We have another busy week of used pallet racking and industrial shelving leaving our warehouse.

Link 51, Esmena and Apex used racking orders are going to Newcastle, Brighton, Manchester and Swindon.

Longspan shelving is being delivered to Sheffield, Bristol and Cardiff.

Bolted steel shelving deliveries are scheduled in London and Oxford.

A discounted delivery price is available where there is room on selected transport.

Call us now on 0800 612 3210 for a quote, or send an enquiry and we will get back to you quickly.

used warehouse racking

Used Dexion P90 Warehouse Pallet Racking for Sale

Here is another update to our latest stock check, this time for used Dexion P90 (and P100) warehouse pallet racking.

2508 Dexion P90 Beam 2300mm 110mm open
22 Dexion P90 Beam 2700mm 95mm box
9 Dexion P90 Beam 2700mm 4″ open
10 Dexion P90 Beam 3000mm 103mm box
16 Dexion P90 Beam 3900mm 146mm box
42 Dexion P90 Frames M 6000mm 1100mm
15 Dexion P90 Frames S 9000mm 900mm
84 Dexion P90 Upright S 1500mm
40 Dexion P90 Upright M 1500mm
42 Dexion P90 Upright S 9000mm
12 Dexion P100 Frames 2.0 6000mm 1100mm
3 Dexion P100 Frames 2.0 7000mm 1100mm
138 Dexion P100 Frames 2.0 7500mm 1100mm
9 Dexion P100 Frames 2.0 9000mm 1100mm
17 Dexion P100 Frames 2.0 9500mm 1100mm
20 Dexion P100 Frames 2.0 10500mm 1100mm
20 Dexion P100 Upright 2.0 8500mm

Pallet Racking Delivery

Second Hand Pallet Racking Deliveries – March 2015 UK

A few of our second hand pallet racking projects are now ready ahead of schedule so we will have room to fit more work in March than previously expected.  Here are a few of the jobs we are already working on. –

The major ongoing project in Leeds and Bradford is still the main priority.

During the rest of March we will also be delivering Dexion Speedlock second hand pallet racking, Link XL used steel shelving and Redirack warehouse longspan racking to Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Peterborough, East London and Hull.