New Pallet Racking at Second Hand Racking Prices

We have a batch of brand new, never used, SpeedRack AR Sistemas pallet racking available for sale at price we normally reserve for second hand racking.  The reason for the used pallet racking price point is due to the fact that when this batch has gone, there will be no more available other than as a special order as this is the last of the old design of SpeedRack.

If you are interested, let us know by asking for the ‘old design’ SpeedRack pallet racking.


New Pallet Racking for the New Year

Welcome back everybody and happy new year!

We’ve had a design update on our new SpeedRack pallet racking and the stock is now in.  By redesigning the upright we can now offer a greater range of weight loading capacities at the same time using less material and thus reducing the cost.

We are still stocking the original SpeedRack pallet racking frame design as well in case you need spares or if you need to add to an existing system.