Pallet Racking Deliveries October 2012

We have our schedule for the rest of October, as always space required to the following destinations is now heavily discounted to all pallet racking suppliers and trade customers.

SpeedRack pallet racking is being delivered to London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Bradford and Wakefield.

QuickSpan warehouse racking is being delivered to Castleford, Manchester, Leeds, Chester, Scunthorpe, Sheffield and Wakefield.

Warehouse shelving is being delivered to Lincoln, Burnley, Reading and Leicester.

June Racking Delivery Schedule

Here is our up to date June racking delivery schedule;

  • Dexion Speedlock to Castleford, Bradford, Leeds and Sheffield.
  • Quickspan heavy duty warehouse racking to Bradford, Leeds, York, Huddersfield and Selby.
  • Clip together shelving to London, Hull, Leeds, Normanton, Wakefield and Bradford.

We’ll update in a couple of weeks for the rest of June’s deliveries.

New Year, New Pallet Racking Discounts

Welcome back to all our pallet racking trade and business customers, here’s hoping for a happy and prosperous new year for everyone.

We have come up with a new discount code for all our wesite customers, NY0301, for an extra 10% of everything for the next two weeks. Enjoy!

What is the scrap value of pallet racking?

The price of scrap steel underwrites the scrap value of pallet racking.  We use various sources of information to gather data on the the current market price, one valuable site shows the value is dropping again.  The value of used racking is also fixed to a certain extent by the cost of new and the sort of savings our customers expect when compared to the major manufacturers price.