Dexion Pallet Racking

We missed out last year on a couple of big purchases of Dexion speedlock pallet racking, although some of it needed to be reconditioned we knew it would have sold well for you guys. When it comes to refurbished second hand pallet racking we are the number one company in the UK.

We have, as of yesterday afternoon, purchased a 6500 bay installation of used Dexion Speedlock pallet racking. The upright frames are 16’3″ x 900mm and the horizontal beams are 8’9″ x 3.5″ box and it is in MINT condition. We don’t expect it to ast very long as we already have interest in over half of it so get in touch if you want to put a deposit down to guarantee availability.

Apex Pallet Racking

We have just bought a massive installation of Apex pallet racking, over 4500 bays 8 metres tall by 2700mm wide by 2 tonnes per level. We got it for a great price and, as always, if we get a good deal we pass those savings on to you. Prices start from £10 per beam and £10 per metre for uprights. Call or contact us (use our enquiry form) us on 0800 612 3210 and quote APEX0109 for the best deal in th UK today.