Used Dexion racking for sale

used design racking for sale

For used pallet racking enquiries all us free on 0800 368 6846 or contact us here

Used Dexion racking is probably the thing that we are asked for most often. However, Dexion is just one of many used warehouse racking systems that we have in stock in a wide range of sizes and duties (and even Dexion has 2 different pallet racking systems- Dexion Speedlock and Dexion P90). We also have Apex, Redirack, PSS and Link 51 pallet racking, and often some of the less common warehouse storage systems such as Stow, Mecalux and Esmena.

Used industrial racking is usually supplied for pallet storage, but adding wire mesh or timber decking can easily make it suitable for heavy duty hand loaded shelving. We can also supply multiple runs of back to back racking to be used as carpet racking or adjust the depth and height of the frames to create bays of tyre racking. 

We can deliver to any UK mainland address, so if you are in Huddersfield, Grimsby, Coventry or Bournemouth we can get you what you want, quickly and at a great price.

Whether you need used Dexion pallet racking,  industrial racking or warehouse shelving you need, please give us a call now on 0800 368 6846 or send us a brief description on an enquiry form and we will reply to you quickly. You can also use the live chat button to speak to a member of our team during office hours.

The best used pallet racking in 2021

used pallet racking

We would like to wish all of our customers and suppliers a happy, healthy and successful 2021. Although challenges continue to be put before us, we will do all we can to keep offering the best service we can and to supply the very best warehouse storage equipment at the lowest prices.

We start the new year with our warehouses well stocked with quality used pallet racking, our ever popular QuickSpan longspan shelving system and all of the warehouse racking accessories that you might need. We are operating as close to normal as is possible, while following all current social distancing guidelines, and have vehicles leaving us every day to deliver orders to all parts of the UK mainland.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are available to give you as much advice as you need and to confirm availability on the materials you require. Call us on 0800 612 3210 and we will happily talk you through your options or help you to plan the layout of your industrial racking. If you are looking to add to your existing pallet racking, but don’t know what racking system you have (Dexion Speedlock, Link 51, Apex, Redirack etc) we can help you to identify your racking and find compatible components. You can also use the enquiry form to send us a photo of the warehouse racking you have.

Whether you are in Dundee or Dorset, Lowestoft or Llanelli, we can supply you with the warehouse storage equipment you need to help you get 2021 off to a great start.

Storax SP80 Pallet Racking Supplier


We sell a lot of the Dexion Speedlock compatible pallet racking from stock.  The Storax SP80 pallet racking system has been available for many years now and is the industry standard when it comes to Dexion Speedlock compatible systems.  We can supply all sizes and configurations   call us on 0800 368 6846 or send an enquiry form

Storax SP80 Beam
Storax SP80 Beam
Storax SP80 Installation
Storax SP80 Installation
Storax SP80 Pallet Racking
Storax SP80 Pallet Racking

We specialise in delivering top-tier, adaptable racking system solutions that incorporate both quality and innovation. These solutions adhere to all current regulations, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

U.S.E. takes great pride in being a supplier of Storax Racking Systems. Our selection comprises a comprehensive array of Adjustable Racking solutions designed to enable you to make the most of your storage capabilities. Installing a quality APR system facilitates the utilisation of all available space, including height, width, and depth, thereby optimising the complete potential of your warehouse.

Through our comprehensive design-and-build service, we bring forth cutting-edge equipment and functionality to the market. By collaborating with renowned manufacturers and skilled designers, we transform our clients’ unique pallet racking concepts into practical, operational realities. call us on 0800 368 6846 or send an enquiry form

Used Pallet Racking Installation

We recently revisited one of the earlier used pallet racking projects we installed, way back in 1998.  It was nice to see the racking had been well looked after and also nice to hear positive feedback about our new website from an old customer.

Here are a few photos we took while we were there.

Used Dexion Pallet Racking Upright
Used Dexion Pallet Racking Upright

IMG_4807 IMG_2720 IMG_7269 IMG_4472 IMG_3436 IMG_6249

New Stock of Second Hand Pallet Racking

JUST IN! Used Link 51 racking
We currently have a large consignment of pristine quality Link 51 pallet rackingFrames: 140+ 900mm deep frames by 8m high. Extra heavy duty.
Beams: 900+ pairs of 2700mm Link 51 box beams with a loading capacity of two tonnes.

Dexion Speedlock – 900mm Frames and 2800mm Beams

Frames: 300+ excellent quality second hand Dexion Speedlock 900mm deep frames.
Beams: 2000+ pairs of beams, 2.5 tonnes UDL (2800mm & 2820mm clear entry).

Used Timber Decking

New in! 1300+ slatted timber decking suitable for 1100mm deep frames.
Also available: slatted decking for 900mm frames, closed board decking, galvanised panels, chipboard decking, pallet support bars.

Used Dexion Mk3 Pallet Racking

Used Dexion Mk3 Pallet Racking*

*Only available while stocks last.


In excellent condition, frames are fully assembled and each beam includes 2 locking pins.

Frames up to 12 metres- £15 per metre

Beams 2743mm/2900mm x 2000kgs UDL per pair- £34.50 per pair

The price includes  FREE DELIVERY to most UK mainland postcodes.

Discounts available for bulk purchases, Call 0800 6123 980 or use our enquiry form and we’ll call you back.

Used Dexion Pallet Racking

We receive quite a lot of enquiries for used Dexion pallet racking and as the Speedlock model is becoming more and more difficult to get hold of we now supplying compatible Storax SP80 where used is unavailable.  The prices for small amounts can be quite high but a good sized installation can attract discounts of 40 – 50% so give us call today for our best price.

Warehouse Pallet Racking for Sale

We have a customer near manchester with Dexion Speedlock warehouse pallet racking for sale; he has 200 frames 14′ – 18′ x 36″ and 1000 beams  3.3m x 2 Tonne UDL.  We did offer to buy it but have since run out of room.

Call Peter if you are interested – 07824 876876

Pallet Racking Deliveries – April 2012

Pallet racking deliveries for April 2012

  • Dexion Speedlock pallet racking – Huddersfield, full load
  • Dexion Speedlock pallet racking – Birmingham, half load
  • Link XL pallet racking – Leeds, half load
  • Quickspan racking – Leeds, half load
  • Redirack pallet racking – Manchester, two and a half loads

Theres plenty of time left to get your order in., remember free delivery on all orders over £500 and under 5m long.