Racking Deliveries – March 2013

We have a busy period coming up so here is the latest on our racking, used pallet racking, longspan and second hand shelving delivery schedule for March 2013;

Used Dexion speedlock, Redirack, Link XL and Metalsistems going to Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Stoke, Milton Keynes and Leicester.

Longspan heavy duty warehouse shelving to Bradford, Swansea, Nottingham, Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool.

Second hand British Shelving to Leeds, Telford, Warrington, Hull, Portsmouth, and Blackburn.

We may have to book a couple of extra trailers this month so if you want add a last minute order in, let us know as soon as you can.


Pallet Racking Suppliers Update

We have updated our schedule for November,  discounted delivery charges apply to the following areas for all our all pallet racking suppliers and trade customers.

Dexion Speedlock, Link XL and Redirack  pallet racking is being delivered to Birmingham, Peterborough, Leeds, Glasgow, and Chesterfield.

QuickSpan heavy duty warehouse racking is being delivered to Leeds, London, Wakefield, Scunthorpe, Castleford and Milton Keynes.

Warehouse clip together shelving is being delivered to Newcastle, Spalding, London, Sheffield and Southampton.

Link XL Used Pallet Racking

We have just taken over 800 bays of Link XL used pallet racking into stock.  It is available in certain sizes for immediate delivery to the Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and London areas. Other areas over 20 miles from the these cities require an extra 24 hours from order.

Second Hand Dexion Speedlock – Low Stock Update

We have run quite low on second hand dexion speedlock pallet racking.  We have plenty of link XL and Redirack pallet racking available and we also have some more Dexion Speedlock coming into stock in two weeks.

If you have any pallet racking for sale in the Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham or London area (or any where else) let us know as we are in those areas over the next few months working on other projects and we would be happy to evaluate and offer on your shelving and racking equipment.

Pallet Racking Deliveries – April 2012

Pallet racking deliveries for April 2012

  • Dexion Speedlock pallet racking – Huddersfield, full load
  • Dexion Speedlock pallet racking – Birmingham, half load
  • Link XL pallet racking – Leeds, half load
  • Quickspan racking – Leeds, half load
  • Redirack pallet racking – Manchester, two and a half loads

Theres plenty of time left to get your order in., remember free delivery on all orders over £500 and under 5m long.


Pallet Racking Deliveries, March

This week we’ve got space for deliveries of pallet racking and shelving going to;

  • Birmingham – Dexion Speedlock
  • Leeds – Apex
  • Manchester – Apex
  • Peterborough – Link XL
  • Leicester – Link XL
  • Derby – Link XL
  • Huddersfield – Link XL
  • Bradford – QuickSpan and SpeedRack

Let us know if you want anything delivering to these areas and we’ll try and fit you in.