Do you need Dexion racking?

Dexion racking is a term often used to describe many different pallet racking systems, when in fact Dexion is just one of at least twenty pallet racking manufacturers currently available in the UK. Almost all of these warehouse racking systems are unique and not compatible with any other, so if you are looking to add to the racking that you already have, it is important that you get the right type.

Industrial racking made by popular brands such as Apex, Redirack, Link 51 and PSS will usually have the name stamped on the upright frames, but if your racking doesn’t, there are other ways to identify the pallet racking you have. Our Identify My Racking page shows many of the leading pallet racking systems, the shapes of the beam connectors and holes in the frames should help you pick out the one you need to match your existing racking. If not, if you can send us a clear, close up photo of your racking (similar to those on the identify my racking page) we will be able to tell you which manufacturer your racking is made by.

Once we know what make of warehouse racking you need, we can start to look at the sizes and quantities required. For the upright frames, we need to know the height and depth. We can supply frames up to at least ten metres high, usually in 500mm increments, so let us know the exact height you need and we will supply suitable frames. Standard depths are 900mm or 1100mm, but other sizes are always available on request.

For the horizontal beams, the most common way to describe their size is the clear entry measurement, which is the space between the upright frames are in place. We always have a wide range of beam sizes in stock for most leading manufacturers, so let us know if you are adding levels to existing bays and so need exactly the same size as your existing beams. Beams also have a range of loading capacities, so we will ask you for the maximum weight that you would put on a pair of beams and then we can supply racking that will take at least this amount.

We can deliver pallet racking orders to any UK mainland address and lead time is usually between five and ten working days. In the next couple of weeks we have part loads scheduled to go to Preston, Harrogate, Barnsley, Kent and Cheltenham, so if you are close to these areas, get in touch now for a great delivered price. You can call us on 0800 612 3210 or send us an enquiry form and we will reply to you quickly.