Second Hand Pallet Racking Wanted

Second Hand Pallet Racking Wanted

We want your redundant racking.  Top prices paid, currently 2 – 3 times the scrap value!

Call us today with details of make, sizes and quantities if you know them.

Dexion Speedlock Warehouse Pallet Racking

Dexion speedlock pallet racking is synonymous with warehouse storage systems and has been for many years.  In the same way people ask for a Hoover when they want a vacuum cleaner, people ask for Dexion Speedlock when they want pallet racking.

Dexion speedlock pallet racking has not been made for quite a few years now but it is still so popular that we often find when we do get second hand stock in to our warehouse, it sells very quickly.

Consequently we are now selling a lot more new compatible racking.  We use a company that bought the plant and tools from the Dexion Speedlock manufacturers and is regulated by the european FEM standards, which surpass the UK SEMA standards in their testing specifications.

If you need spare frames, beams accessories or want to build a new pallet racking system from scratch then give us a call, 0800 6125 925 (if our lines are busy, leave your name and number, we’ll get back to within 5 minutes) or send us an enquiry.